Looking for a great way to spend Friday nights, no charge? Meet us at Innis Town Hall to catch a movie!

All are welcome to attend. Please contact us at on message us on our Twitter or Instagram pages (@cinssu) if you have any concerns or questions.

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CORALINE (2009) & DOGTOOTH (2011)

Join us for our very-special, very-cozy, Free Friday Film Double Feature this Friday, October 25th at 7pm at Innis Town Hall! We will be screening both Coraline (Selick, 2009) and Dogtooth (Lanthimos, 2009).

Based on the YA novel by Neil Gaiman of the same name, Coraline (Selick, 2009) is a stop-motion film about a young girl who finds a parallel universe while exploring her new home, only to discover that the other world is not as perfect as it seems.

Dogtooth (Lanthimos, 2009) tells the story of a husband and wife who keep their adult children locked in a "state of perpetual childhood", until one of them tries to escape.

BONUS: Between the FFF screenings this week, CINSSU will be handing out some sweet treats in the spirit of Halloween!

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Join us at the Innis Town Hall, Friday October 11th at 2 Sussex Avenue for a Halloween screening of Francis Ford Coppola's adaption of Bram Stoker's Dracula! Treats will be served! Entry is free!

Prior to the screening, film student Monica Mae will be giving a brief introduction to the archetype of the vampire and the potential reasons for the archetype's cross cultural and individual appeal.

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For our first FFF of Horror Month, we are going to be screening cult favourite Jennifer's Body (2009) this Friday, October 4th at 7pm at Innis Town Hall!

Jennifer's Body a 2009 thriller that sees a popular high school cheerleader, Jennifer (Megan Fox), as she becomes possessed by a demon and begins feasting on her male classmates. When her friend Needy (Amanda Seyfriend) learns Jennifer's man-eating secret, she tries to stop it.


Join us this Friday at 7pm in Innis Town Hall for our fourth Free Friday Film of the semester, and the last in our "New Beginnings" series, School of Rock (2003)!

This comedy by Richard Linklater stars Jack Black as Dewey Finn, an out-of-work musician who poses as a substitute teacher at an elite prep school, where he forms a rock band from a group of his elementary school students.

🥁🎸BONUS: During the screening, we will be hosting a game of Guess that Tune: Rock Edition to win a vinyl, or advanced screening tickets to Ang Lee's Gemini Man 🥁🎸



On Friday, Sept. 20th we will be screening our third FFF of the year, Dead Poets Society (Weir, 1989) in collaboration with Writing & Rhetoric! This week's Free Friday Film is in memory of Robin Williams.

Based on Nancy H Kleinbaum's novel of the same name, Dead Poets Society stars Robin Williams as Mr Keating, an English teacher at a prestigious, conservative all-boys boarding school. The film sees Mr Keating inspire a number of his students through his non-traditional methods of teaching poetry.

Following the screening, there will be a discussion period facilitated by Professor Sharon English.



🍿 For our second FFF of the year, CINSSU is teaming up with URSSU for a screening of Scott Pilgrim vs the World (Wright, 2010) on Sept. 13th at 7pm in Innis Town Hall! 🍿

This adventure-comedy is based on Bryan Lee O'Malley's series of graphic novels, and follows Toronto-based bass guitarist Scott Pilgrim as he falls in love with Ramona Flowers. However, in order to be with her there is a catch- Scott must defeat Ramona's seven evil exes

🎊BONUS: Scott Pilgrim was filmed in Toronto, so there will also be Toronto-based trivia with prizes 🎊

As always, Free Friday Films are open to everyone (not only Cinema Studies students!) and are accessible events!

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Unwind after orientation week and the first few days of classes with CINSSU’s first Free Friday Film of the school year!

At 7pm on September 6th in Innis Town Hall CINSSU will be screening Hunt for the Wilderpeople (Waititi, 2016). This adventure-comedy film follows foster child Ricky (Julian Dennison) as he goes on the run in the bush with his foster father, Hec (Sam Neill), under the threat of being moved to a new foster home.

There will also be a raffle at the event, and this post will be updated with information about prizes!

As always, this event is accessible and open to everyone 🍿🎞📽