• Innis Cafe (map)
  • 2 Sussex Avenue
  • Toronto, ON, M5S 1J5
  • Canada

CINSSU Elections will be held April 1st in the Innis Cafe from 4 to 6pm!

They are going to be done a little differently this year, we are creating application forms and having interviews for certain positions: Treasurer, Programmer, Sneak Previews Coordinator, Camera Stylo Editor, Special Events Coordinator, Communications Director, and Art Director. 


These applications will be due April 1st at this elections meeting (5pm), or you can email them earlier to cinssu.info@gmail.com. Interviews will take place the following week. 

The remaining positions will be elected on April 1st - so come prepared with a statement as to why you are interested in that position and a belly hungry for pizza!!! 

Please feel free to send any questions you might have to cinssu.info@gmail.com